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BioJuvant creates innovative, microbial-based products that empower farmers, ranchers, and growers to manage their farms both for profit and sustainability. Our technologies enhance soil, animal, and plant health, improve quality, yields, and feed conversions, and reduce reliance on costly chemicals and antibiotics.

Microbial consortia technology—beneficial microorganisms grown together to form an ecosystem—is the next great leap in agriculture. At BioJuvant, we’re leading the way, delivering effective products to farmers to put the power of agriculture’s oldest collaborators in your hands.
Biojuvant Increase Microbial Activity and Diversity
Biojuvant Enhance Soil Quality, Fertility, and Plant Nutrition
Biojuvant Impact Plant Growth and Stimulate Defense Systems
Biojuvant Improve Animal Health and Reduce Waste and Losses

Our Products

BioJuvant produces beneficial microbial inoculants for use in crop, compost, silage, forage, hydroponic and greenhouse environments.

BioAH® Protect
Forage Treatment and Bio-Surfactant in One

As a Forage Treatment, BioAH® Protect helps maintain feed’s nutrient contents while protecting it from spoilage prior to fermentation.

SCD Bio Ag®
Microbial Additive

An all-natural, environmentally safe solution for use in organic farm and garden applications. Produced through a natural fermentation process, SCD Bio Ag® serves as a cost-effective alternative to chemical additives.

SCD Bio Livestock®
Probiotic Supplement

An all-natural, probiotic feed and water additive containing a powerful blend of beneficial microorganisms. SCD Bio Livestock® improves the underlying microbial ecology of the animal to one that is balanced and healthy.


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