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Matt Wood, Founder and CEO
Matt Wood is the Founder and CEO of Probiotic Holdings. Since 1996, Matt has been a pioneer in developing probiotic technologies. His work with probiotics has resulted in global engagements in microbiology, agriculture, water treatment and human health. He led the launch and funding of Probiotic Holdings/SCD Probiotics in 2004 to develop and commercialize consortia fermentation technologies for multiple industries and has been the lead executive in building out SCD’s global network of manufacturers and distributors. In 2012, he led the launch and funding of Proviera Biotech to develop and commercialize sustainable products for the leather tannery industry. Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in soil and atmospheric sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a master’s degree in bioproduction from the University of Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan.


Dr. Narin Tipsrisukond, Executive Vice President of Technology
Dr. Narin Tipsrisukond is the Executive Vice President of Technology for Probiotic Holdings. Narin has 13 years of R&D experience focusing on agricultural and food-grade supplements. Prior to SCD, he worked as the head of R&D for BioSyntropy, a privately held firm specializing in natural microbial-based products. While at BioSyntropy, he established QA/QC programs to follow USFDA GMP guidelines for dietary supplements. Since joining SCD, he has successfully led efforts to develop bio-based probiotics derived for tannery and cleaning products. He also led the development of proprietary consortia cultures, which are the basis for SCD Probiotics’ top-selling non-food grade products. Narin leads and manages tactical and strategic research and development, as well as all intellectual property development plans to achieve SCD Probiotics’ and licensing program objectives. He is responsible for the application, training and technical support of all of SCD Probiotics’ licensees. Narin has multiple research publications as part of his understanding and development of food and agricultural sciences. He received a bachelor’s degree in agriculture/animal science from Prince Songkla University, Thailand; a master’s degree in food science from the University of Missouri; and a PhD in food science from the University of Missouri.

Dr. Jeff Graham, Market Development and Technology Advisor
Dr. Jeff Graham, PhD, president of BlueH2O Consulting, LLC, serves as Market Development and Technology Advisor at Probiotic Holdings. Since 2010, Jeff has served numerous clients in a variety of industries with business, technology, and scientific consultation services. Employed by Monsanto Company for 30 years, Jeff has a very broad range of scientific and technical experience. He served in several technical leadership positions, including environmental science, pesticide residue chemistry, chemical process development, product formulation chemistry, seed treatment chemistry, and animal reproduction and diagnostics. When Jeff retired from Monsanto in 2010, he was director of New Product, Process, and Formulation Technology. In that role, he led Monsanto’s chemistry R&D focused on new products, product formulation development, seed treatment chemistry, and a variety of other science and technology areas. With 13 issued patents (as inventor or co-inventor), Jeff played an integral role developing new products and post-patent strategies to maximize the value of Monsanto’s agrochemical product portfolio. Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with honors, from Northern Illinois University and a PhD in chemistry from the University of Georgia. He was a resident research associate with the National Research Council in 1979-1980 at the U.S. EPA Research Laboratory in Athens, Georgia.

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Peter Ryan, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Peter Ryan is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Probiotic Holdings. Peter has 37 years of product marketing experience. Before joining SCD Probiotics, he was Vice President of the Companion Animal Business Unit for Bayer Healthcare, responsible for the sales, marketing and operations. He increased revenue through sales channel expansion. He also initiated and helped design the first comprehensive industry study in declining veterinary clinic visits, a widely published and used document within the field. Prior to Bayer, Peter was vice president of Laundry & Households in the U.S. for Unilever HPC. There, he increased profit margins for laundry by double digits. As Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ryan initiates plans to expand SCD Probiotics’ customer base through both long- and short-term strategic plans. He oversees the company’s relationship with licensees and distributors to improve and manage profit margins on product sales as well as industry marketing research. Ryan received a bachelor’s degree in political science from College of the Holy Cross.

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Dr. Daoxin Li, R&D Lab Manager
Dr. Daoxin Li is the R&D Lab Manager for BioJuvant®. He has more than 20 years of experience in academic research and lab management. He received his PhD in plant pathology/fungal molecular biology from the University of Kentucky. During these studies, he successfully cloned the fungal gene encoding the protein that counters against an antifungal compound in the plant, thus causing infections. He continued his research at Ohio State University and investigated “Early Molecular Events in Plant-Fungus Interactions” to delineate the pathway by which plant host signals trigger gene expression and transcriptional regulation in fungus. His corroborative research resulted in 13 peer-reviewed publications in internationally recognized scientific journals. He was a co-principal investigator of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. Subsequently, he joined EMSL Analytical as microbiology lab manager and later as lab director, where he profitably managed an ISO 17025-accredited microbiology lab and a branch lab for more than 10 years. Most recently, he worked on the air sampling method and detection of live Legionella spp., resulting in the submission of six provisional patent applications (PPA) to USPTO.