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SCD Bio Ag ® - Microbial Additive for Farm & Garden

SCD Bio Ag

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Overview Ingredients and Use Effectiveness Data

SCD BioAg® is an all-natural, environmentally-safe microbial inoculant that helps create healthier soil for increased nutrient availability and yield, and improved overall crop performance. It will:

  • Improve soil quality
  • Increase seed germination
  • Improve fruit quality
  • Enhance biological nitrogen fixation
  • Accelerate large-scale composting efforts
  • Enrich soil in residential lawns and gardens
  • Nurture trees and flowers

Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy, productive plants.
Healthy soil is living soil, full of beneficial microorganisms that decompose organic material to enrich soil quality and form symbiotic relationships with plants. An entire universe of soil microbes helps plants access and uptake more nutrients, grow larger, denser root systems, and help protect them against pathogens and disease. But because of threats like deforestation, urbanization, pollution, chemical use, and heavy tillage, many soils have become depleted of these essential microorganisms.

SCD BioAg is a microbial inoculant that helps create a healthy soil environment by introducing beneficial microorganisms that dominate harmful ones and tip the balance towards good. Research data indicates that BioAg has a positive correlation with soil biological activity, which plays a crucial role in the improvement of soil quality. SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) reveals that when applied to the soil, BioAg increases total fungi, protozoa, rhizobia biomass, enzyme activity, and root hair growth in hairy vetch.

SCD BioAg is also:

  • Produced through a natural fermentation process
  • Not chemically synthesized, genetically engineered or modified
  • OMRI listed
  • A concentrated formula for cost-effective application
  • Easy to use

A powerful ecosystem of microorganisms.
SCD BioAg contains a powerful blend of Lactic Acid Bacteria, Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria, and Yeast, all grown together through a patented method of co-growth called “consortia” technology. This method of co-growth allows various microbial strains to co-exist, replicating the way these microorganisms grow in nature. As a result, the microorganisms introduced to your soil through SCD BioAg are stronger, more resilient, and more capable of working together synergistically. Together they help build a nutrient-rich soil environment that provides a natural place for crops, grasses, flowers, and trees to grow, while helping protect against damaging organisms and compounds.

SCD BioAg is available in 1 liter, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon sizes.

BioAg vs. Competitors


  • Natural, Environmentally-Safe, and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed
  • Systemic approach to improve soil conditions
  • Over time, requires less product for the same results as effectiveness builds

Common Chemicals

  • Harmful to the environment
  • Most are destructive to soil over time
  • Requires more product over time for the same results


  • Versatility allows for many applications, and bulk purchasing
  • Approved for use in organic production and farming
  • Systemic approach to improve soil conditions

Other Bio Products

  • Requires a different product for each problem or pathogen
  • Not always organic, may contain harmful compounds
  • Often reactive


  • Specifically formulated for soil applications
  • Extensive quality control

Other Consortia-Grown Microbial Products

  • Same or similar product for all applications
  • No guarantee on quality control