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Reducing Environmental Impact

BioJuvant® embraces environmental and agricultural sustainability while investing in technological innovation. One of our most important goals is being a model “green” company, providing realistic, non-harmful solutions that improve the environment. BioJuvant™ helps improve the quality of human and animal life with unique products that enhance health through the power of probiotics.

Food is essential for life. And agriculture is the primary source of food for all humankind. Everything crops need to provide subsistence for the world’s population – from irrigation water to transport to retail – needs responsible stewardship. BioJuvant is designed to conserve and preserve water resources and to benefit plant growth and yield. Additionally, we produce products with a long shelf-life, offering a guarantee to customers in market development, distribution and logistics. In return, this helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Increasing urbanization pollutes water supplies. BioJuvant technology helps to manage this by improving water’s chemical and microbiologic structure for all blue (harvestable) and green (soil water available for plant use) water. Furthermore, BioJuvant technology has proven its beneficial effects on wastewater treatment and composting.

Sustainability is the key to preventing or reducing negative impacts to the environment. There is clear scientific evidence that humanity is living unsustainably. An unprecedented collective effort is needed to preserve our natural resources. BioJuvant is proud to be part of the solution by harnessing the power of beneficial microbial consortia technology.

biojuvant reducing environmental impact