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Beneficial microorganisms are fundamental drivers of productivity in agricultural ecosystems. Crop production managers and land stewards should welcome manipulations of soil microbial composition among the management tools for quality and yield improvements and overall improved input-to-output ratios. Probiotics are among the most effective solutions available in achieving these goals. BioJuvant® has devoted nearly 20 years of development to deliver the highest quality probiotics for agriculture. Our beneficial microbial consortia consist of numerous species of living microorganisms grown together in media that retain shelf-stability for extended periods to enable probiotics to be delivered globally to the most-demanding application environments. Probiotic efficacy from BioJuvant® is driven by the following powerful modes of action:

  1. Enriched soil microbial diversity and activity.
  2. Improved nutrient cycling and organic matter decomposition.
  3. Augmented soil properties.
  4. Increased plant hormone production for plant growth promotion.

Overall, probiotics may support numerous aspects of plant growth in diverse agricultural systems, regardless of species grown or regimes adopted. Farm managers as well as land stewards are encouraged to incorporate probiotics into their operations.


SCD Bio Ag®
Microbial Additive

is an all-natural, environmentally-safe solution that helps create healthier soil for increased nutrient availability and yield, and improved overall crop performance. [...]


SCD Bio Livestock®
Probiotic Supplement

is an all-natural, probiotic feed and water additive containing a powerful blend of beneficial microorganisms.[...]


BioAH® Enhance
Live, Microbial Silage Inoculant

is a ready-to-use, liquid fermentation starter that delivers highly active beneficial microorganisms and auxiliary metabolites to ensure superior silage stability and unmatched nutrient transformation.[..]


BioAH® Protect
Forage Treatment and Bio-Surfactant in One

as a Forage Treatment, BioAH® Protect helps maintain feed’s nutrient contents while protecting it from spoilage prior to fermentation.[..]