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Our Story

BioJuvant®, a Missouri-based global innovator of microbial solutions for agriculture, is a brand of probiotics manufacturer, SCD Probiotics, LLC. BioJuvant® was formed in 2016 to bring innovative microbial consortia technology to agriculture while maintaining corporate sustainability.

As a young adult, our founder, Matt Wood, had concerns about environmental pollution and degradation, which led him to believe that the lifestyles we practice in modern societies are unsustainable. As part of his undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Matt conducted primary research at EARTH College in Costa Rica. There, he experienced first-hand the powerful impact beneficial microbes had on farming. Fascinated by this knowledge, he continued his research in biotechnology around the world and received his Master of Science degree in Japan.

“U.S. domestic food production, consumption and the use of natural resources simply cannot continue in the same way,” Matt said of existing conditions. His belief is that healthy soil is the fundamental bedrock for growing high-quality food, the primary source of life for everyone on our planet. It can take 500 years for fertile soil to develop naturally; whereas soil degradation, man-made or otherwise, can happen quickly. For the past 60 to 70 years, agriculture has been focused on chemistry to increase yields and manage fertility, while biology has been largely overlooked. However, innovations in bio-stimulants have returned public attention to biology, both in America and around the globe. Leading agricultural companies, including chemical companies, are increasingly seeing the benefits of natural, sustainable solutions to problems previously only addressed with chemicals.

With his vision, Matt and his research team has devoted more than 15 years to developing microbial consortia technology made via a patented proprietary process whereby multiple strains of microorganisms are grown together to make bio-chemical products. “We are excited to offer alternatives to the use of chemicals in agriculture,” he said. “The choices we make about the products we use today have an impact on our lives and those of future generations.”

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