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BioAH® Protect - Forage Treatment and Bio-Surfactant in One

BioAH Protect

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Product Code: PBP

Overview Ingredients and Use

As a Forage Treatment, BioAH® Protect helps maintain feed’s nutrient contents while protecting it from spoilage prior to fermentation. BioAH Protect’s unique consortium of beneficial microorganisms work together to naturally produce enzymes and protective, surfactant-like compounds that help speed up hay and forage preservation. It will:

  • Protect against nutrient loss
  • Help preserve more dry matter
  • Enhance dry matter palatability and digestibility

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Protect hay and forage from losses and maintain high nutritional quality
BioAH Protect is an extremely cost-effective additive that is easy- and ready-to-use, has a long shelf life, and maintains efficacy at ambient temperatures.

Using BioAH Protect in your feed preservation ensures you maintain the highest nutritive value, while avoiding spoilage losses caused by contamination with undesirable microorganisms.

Eliminate the cost of an additional rapid-dry adjuvant
Because BioAH Protect contains both fermentative microorganisms and the surfactant-like biochemicals they produce naturally, it has a dual purpose as a high-performance adjuvant for rapid dry of hay, grass, grains, and more before bailing or ensiling. BioAH Protect bolsters defenses against putrefaction, spoilage, and mold growth. It can reduce the need for an additional rapid-dry adjuvant—and because it is 100% bio-based, it is safer than traditional, chemical adjuvants.

BioAH Protect:

  • Ready to use without mixing or dilution
  • Stable at room temperature. No refrigeration required
  • Stays emulsified during its entire shelf-life

BioAH Protect is available in 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and 275 gallon sizes.