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BioAH Enhance™ - Microbial Silage Inoculant

BioAH Enhance Silage Inoculant

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Overview Ingredients and Use

BioAH® Enhance is a ready-to-use, liquid silage inoculant that delivers highly active beneficial microorganisms and auxiliary metabolites to ensure superior silage stability and unmatched nutrient transformation. For use on any grass or legume crop, BioAH Enhance will have the following benefits to corn silage, pea silage, sorghum silage and alfalfa silage.

  • Enhance nutritional value
  • Increase forage dry matter
  • Improve palatability and digestibility
  • Increase animal intake

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Healthy silage fuels healthy cows.
Maintaining silage value and crop quality during the storage period is essential for successful ensilage with high quality nutrition. BioAH Enhance’s live microorganisms promote rapid, successful fermentation, as well as bolster defenses against putrefaction, spoilage, mold growth, and loss of nutrients. By using BioAH Enhance as your fermentation starter, you’ll produce high quality silage that results in more nutritive feed with higher feed conversions, less waste, and healthier animals. Healthier animals can mean more milk or more meat—and a healthier bottom line.

BioAH Enhance:

  • Is a cost-effective silage additive that doesn’t require any dilution before application
  • Has a long shelf life and maintains efficacy at ambient temperatures
  • Helps avoid losses caused by contamination with undesirable and pathogenic microorganisms
  • Contains a patented blend of 10 different strains of beneficial microorganisms, including active bacteria and active yeast
  • Its live microorganisms also produce metabolites that increase silage’s nutritional values

Customers use BioAH Enhance with any crop, from grass to legumes. It can be applied to at the same rate, regardless of the crop type or time of year.

Multiple strains of live microorganisms give you more
BioAH Enhance is not the standard freeze-dried, single strain bacterial additive. Its 10 active strains of beneficial microorganisms produce organic acids and other healthy substances, decreasing silage pH to a level where spoilage bacteria aren’t able to survive.

BioAH Enhance’s beneficial microorganisms are grown through BioJuvant’s patented “consortia” process of co-growth. This scientifically-proven process combines multiple bacterial strains during production, replicating the way these microorganisms grow in nature. As a result of being grown this way, they form a small ecosystem, ensuring their resilience, survivability, and effectiveness.

BioAH Enhance is available in 5 gallon, 55 gallon, and 275 gallon sizes.