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About BioJuvant®
BioJuvant®, a Probiotic Holdings brand, helps livestock producers and crop farmers build long term farm health and profitability with improved animal, plant, and soil health, ROI, and yields using probiotics and probiotic biochemicals—including microbial inoculants, adjuvants, and biostimulants.

BioJuvant products are the result of knowledge and benefits derived from nearly two decades of development by Probiotic Holdings to deliver the highest-quality biobased products for agriculture.

Our patented and proprietary microbial consortia consist of numerous species of living microorganisms grown together in media. Because of their stability in a wide range of temperatures for extended periods, microbial inoculants can be delivered to various, demanding application environments in agricultural markets around the world. Our proprietary microbial inoculants technology transforms processes and products by employing biological processes rather than working against them. This advancement in technology takes a revolutionary approach in the same way that synthesis transformed chemistry.

Our research team has developed products that are 100% bio-based and biodegradable for use as bio-stimulants, bio-protectants, bio-adjuvants and for hydroponic use. The end result: the most sustainable products with higher performance, lower cost and less environmental impact.

About Probiotic Holdings
Probiotics Holdings operates as an institutional developer of probiotic and biochemical technology applications. A core component of the firm’s vision and mission is to identify and develop technologies that can be commercialized with the assistance of capital partners and strategic industry players seeking to complement their research and product development programs.

Matthew Wood founded Probiotic Holdings in 2004. Probiotic Holdings has a wholly-owned subsidiary operating company, SCD Probiotics®, which Matthew founded in 1998 while studying soil science at the University of Missouri. SCD invested in the research and development of beneficial bacteria and the biochemicals they produce while pursuing a mission to deliver products “harnessing nature’s ability to restore personal health & the environment™.”

Recognizing the power of beneficial microbes to transform microbial ecology in any number of environments, SCD’s technical team has consistently improved product formulations and provided additional value and benefits applicable to a variety of industries around the world. Technical achievements by the team have resulted in new product offerings, including SCD Probiotics Mother Culture concentrate, ProBio Balance Original™. Further advances included a Mother Culture concentrate with enhanced levels of phototrophic, purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB), ProBio Balance Plus™, and the first ever Mother Culture for human consumption based on effective microorganism applied science, SCD Essential Probiotics®.

Additional achievements include:

  • Development of a proprietary consortia probiotic technology platform, which is the basis of dozens of products used across two dozen commercial/industrial and consumer market segments.
  • Establishment of a global licensee network, including more than 20 licensees using SCD’s technology for fermentation manufacturing and distributing SCD products in more than 40 countries.
  • Base of regulatory approvals for the import, export and sale of SCD microorganisms and biochemical products across multiple market segments in many countries.
  • Brand development with more than a dozen registered trademarks in key markets across the globe.
  • Development of a proprietary product line to serve the leather processing industry. This process resulted in the launch and funding of Proviera Biotech which is a disruptive leader in sustainable chemicals for the leather processing industry.
  • R&D pipeline with innovative probiotic technology products to support global expansion across multiple market segments.

About SCD Probiotics
SCD Probiotics, LLC (“SCD”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Probiotic Holdings. SCD holds the intellectual property and manufacturing assets that are used to develop and market probiotic and biochemical applications. SCD has developed a network of global manufacturers and distributors for both its base mother culture and its finished products. SCD serves identifies new market opportunities with the intelligence developed through cooperation with its network, which has resulted in the commercialization of sustainable applications for the leather tannery market and products for the agriculture market. SCD has an active product portfolio for applications in human health, companion animal, animal health, bioremediation, agriculture, and home and garden. SCD has been in market with microbial products, branded under SCD Bio Ag®, with global network sales exceeding $4 million in 2016. This product line and technology for bio-based adjuvants and biostimulants was transitioned to the SCD brand, BioJuvant, in 2016.

More information about SCD Probiotics can be found at www.scdprobiotics.com.